Welcome to Classroom Library Company. Founded with a passion for fostering literacy in schools, we have evolved from a direct-to-school book provider to a comprehensive distribution resource, catering not only to educational institutions, but also to business seeking to connect their materials with schools nationwide.

Our Journey

In 2011, Classroom Library Company embarked on a mission to make quality educational resources accessible to every student. Our start as a direct supplier to schools laid the foundation for what would soon expand to a thriving distribution division. Driven by a commitment to educational excellence, we now are a premier online supplier direct-to-schools as well as a trusted partner to clients looking to bridge the gap between their products and the education community.

What Sets Us Apart
  1. Passion for Education: At the core of Classroom Library Company is a deep-rooted passion to help educators obtain the resources needed to foster a love of reading in their students. We believe that every student deserves access to high-quality learning materials, and it is this belief that propels us not only to provide quality literacy materials directly to schools, but also partner with some of the most respected and passionate companies serving the education market today.

  2. Tailored Solutions: Our website offers schools direct access to purchase a wide range of quality, topical literature to support their students. Meanwhile, our distribution clients rely on us to source, brand, package, and ship the tradebooks to support their initiatives as well as handle storage and distribution of their proprietary products. No two customers are alike, and we can customize a solution to fit virtually any need.

  3. Location, Location, Location: Our facility in St. Louis, Missouri gives us the ability to deliver nationwide quickly and affordably. Our location allows for quick and efficient scaling to support projects of any size and accommodate the growth of our valued partners.

Our Commitment

We are more than just a book company. We are a trusted resource for both our school customers and our distribution partners. We are invested in making it easy for educators to source the materials they need to foster a love of learning and bright futures for their students.

Some of Our Clients Include
  1. Curriculum Developers/Providers

  2. School Supply Vendors

  3. The United States Military

  4. Literacy Advocates

  5. Charitable Organizations

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